Website Tips for Real Estate Agents
Published On: April 13, 2023

I was very excited to do my very first podcast interview and it was with the “Real Estate Fight Club Podcast”!

In this interview, we discuss the age-old debate of whether a Facebook business page is enough or if you need a website to succeed in the real estate industry.

But before diving into the topic, I explain what a “quokka” is. For those who are not familiar, a quokka is a small marsupial native to Australia (Western Australia to be exact) that has gained fame for its friendly demeanor, smiley face and their love for taking ‘selfies’. Just search “Quokka” on Google Images and you’ll see why I love them.

Now back to our main topic, the debate between a Facebook business page and a website. A lot of agents might think about whether they even need a website or if they can just have a Facebook business page. However, there are some limitations of a Facebook business page that a website can offer more. Generally, social media accounts like a Facebook business page may offer visibility and reach, but it is not enough to build trust with potential clients. When it comes to credibility, a website is a way to go. When people see a website, it automatically seems more trustworthy. Even if an agent has a large following on social media, they could still be missing out on potential business without the tools that a website offers – for eg, booking and contact forms, etc.

The 3 top website tips for real estate agents (which can also be applied to almost any industry):

  1. Creating a plan is essential for building or redesigning a website. Define key values, goals, and target audience, and practical examples of how this can be applied to a real estate agent’s website.
  2. Engage a website expert after creating the plan to make the website-building process more efficient. Going straight to a website expert without a clear plan can result in unnecessary costs. The website expert will keep you on track and reduce the stress of the website build.
  3. Once the website is launched, use it to your advantage. Proactively promote the website and leverage its features, such as making appointments and showcasing listings. Don’t expect web traffic to flow in automatically.

Check out the full video above for a more detailed explanation of these 3 top website tips.

In summary, while social media platforms like Facebook can be a useful tool for visibility and reach, they do not offer the same level of functionality, credibility and trust as a website.

A big THANK YOU to Jennifer Murtland and the Real Estate Fight Club Podcast for having me on the show. I had a lot of fun! The Real Estate Figh Club Podcast is co-hosted by Jennifer Murtland and Monica Weakley. Their goal is to help their audience to find an authentic way to run their real estate business. If this is your area of interest, learn more about The Real Estate Figh Club Podcast through the following channels:

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